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Sunday Religious Education School

The Sunday School Program is be divided into three levels...younger pre-school children, elementary level, and middle school and older. We hope that parents will make every effort to allow their children an opportunity to enjoy fellowship and grow closer to our Lord. We are excited that we will have an additional four teachers who will team teach the different class levels.  We are excited that we will have an additional four teachers who will team teach the different class levels. Teachers include: Sophie McCurry, Marie Milovanivic, Brock Johns, and Dean Harris.

Bible Study


"Since, therefore, these things are now clear to us and we have searched into the depths of the Divine knowledge, we ought to do, in order, everything that the Master has commanded us to perform at the appointed times. St. Clement of Rome (c. 95) Letter to the Church in Corinth

The Bible Study Group meets on Tuesdays at the Conference Room at 6:00 pm. The group is studying St Paul's 2nd Letter to the Corinthians. Facilitating the Bible Study Group are Father Constantine as well as Brock Johns a graduate of St Vladimir Seminary. We meet in the comfortable Conference Room and encourage you to be part of learning more about the faith and growing closer to Out Lord.  All are welcomed.

Youth Ministry


The HOPE Group (6-9 ages) and the Junior Orthodox Youth (JOY) (10-16 ages) are Youth ministries for children. The goals of these groups are to promote spiritual growth in Christ and to build a foundation in the faith as children prepare to enter their preteen and teen years. Group activities are planned and organized with emphasis on the following four areas: Fellowship, Worship, Service, and Witness.

Along with our dedicated and hardworking advisors, parents also serve to strengthen the   ministry by attending meetings, assisting with transportation of the children on trips and supporting the advisors. Meetings and outings take place twice a month. As part of the HOPE and JOY program, participants are expected to attend church services and Church School on a regular basis.

We would like to invite, encourage and welcome all children and their parents to participate in the Assumption HOPE and JOY Youth program. Participate in the goal of building a foundation of faith for our children; a foundation that will guide them throughout their lives and on which their faith can grow and develop

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